NALED Assembly: Session and voting materials

The digital session of the 15th Annual Assembly was held from June 18 to 23 via NALED's electronic platform.

All members and partners had the opportunity to inspect the materials and vote for the new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, which will lead NALED's reform initiatives for the next four years until noon on Wednesday, June 23. The annual survey, which can influence NALED's strategic priorities and vision for development until 2025, is open while the new strategic planning process is ongoing.

62% of full members, ie 167 companies, local self-governments and civil society organizations, voted on the agenda items. This almost doubled the conditions for decision-making at the Assembly, which according to the Statute should be attended by at least one third of the full membership. All decisions were made in the presence of a quorum and almost unanimously, without opposing votes. You can read more about the voting results here.

The results of the voting were presented as part of the solemn conclusion of the Assembly, on June 24 at 11 am live at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, with respect to epidemiological measures and live broadcast of the event on the website

1. Proposed agenda

The proposed agenda of the Assembly includes the adoption of decisions and reports, voting for members of the Managing and Supervisory Boards, voting on strategic priorities, discussion on other issues raised by members and the formal conclusion of the session.


2. Decision on the appointment of the Assembly Chairman

The Managing Board proposes that this role continue to be performed by the current Assembly Chairman - Dragan Penezić, Director of Regulatory Affairs at BAT.


3. Minutes from the previous Assembly session

Minutes from the previous session contain details of the decisions made by the NALED Assembly in 2020, including amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, reports on activities and financial operations in 2019, and revision of the Strategic Action Plan for 2020/21.


4. Financial reports for 2020

According to the report of the BDO independent auditing company, the attached financial reports (balance sheet and balance statement) present truthfully and objectively, in all material respects, the financial position of the Association as of December 31, 2020 and the results of its operations for the year ending on that day, in accordance with the accounting regulations valid in the Republic of Serbia. The unallocated net surplus of revenues over expenditures realized in 2020 amounts to 226,709.71 dinars.


5. Activity report and implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020/21

The percentage of implementation of the strategic plan in 2020/21 for program goals is 98% - out of 195 planned activities, 154 have been fully implemented (79%), 37 have been partially implemented (19%), and 4 have not been implemented (2%). With 300 members and 86 permanent employees in the Executive Office, in 2020 NALED implemented projects and activities aimed at improving the business environment and encouraging local economic development worth 2.8 million euros and contracted new projects worth over 9 million euros.


6. Candidates for the Managing Board

During this year's session, NALED members elected a new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board to lead the organization's reform initiatives over the next four years. The biographies of the candidates for the position in the Board of Directors are available on this page, and you can see the selected convocation on the link.

 Igor Vukašinović Apatinska pivara Igor Vukašinović, generalni direktor Apatinske pivare i predsednik MolsonCoors za Srbiju i Crnu Goru More info
 Svetoslav Atanasov Coca-Cola HBC Srbija Svetoslav Atanasov, generalni direktor Coca-Cola HBC Srbija i Crna Gora More info
 Goran Kovačević Gomex Goran Kovačević, generalni direktor More info
 Stanka Pejanović Gorenje Stanka Pejanović, potpredsednica Hisense International i izvršna potpredsednica Hisense Europe More info
 Željko Tomić OSA Računarski inženjering Željko Tomić, direktor More info
 Vladislav Cvetković Pricewaterhouse Coopers Vladislav Cvetković, direktor More info
 Vojislav Genić SAP West Balkans Vojislav Genić, general Business Executive More info
 Nikola Dašić Kragujevac Nikola Dašić, Gradonačelnik More info
 Predrag Terzić Kraljevo Predrag Terzić, gradonačelnik More info
 Goran Cvetanović Leskovac Goran Cvetanović, gradonačelnik More info
 Nikola Vučen Smederevska Palanka Nikola Vučen, predsednik More info
 Zoran Semenović  Šid Zoran Semenović , predsednik More info
 Dragana Čukić ACES Dragana Čukić, članica UO More info
 Tijana Gajić Fondacija PEKSIM Tijana Gajić, izvršna direktorka More info

7. Candidates for the Supervisory Board

During this year's session, NALED members elected a new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board to lead the organization's reform initiatives over the next four years. Biographies of candidates for a position on the Supervisory Board are available on this page, and you can see the selected convocation at the link.

 Darko Stanisavić Deloitte Darko Stanisavić, partner More info
 Suzana Cvetković DIS Suzana Cvetković, finansijski direktor More info
 Igor Anić ProCredit Bank Igor Anić, predsednik Izvršnog Odbora More info
 Stevan Bakić Subotica Stevan Bakić, gradonačelnik More info
 Diana Gligorijević TeleGroup Diana Gligorijević, suosnivač TeleGroup Sistem More info
 Dr. Slobodan Milenković Vranje Dr. Slobodan Milenković, gradonačelnik More info
 Boban Đurović Vrnjačka Banja Boban Đurović, predsednik opštine More info
Note: The fulfillment of the quorum is determined based on the number of members of the Assembly who registered electronically and voted via the NALED Platform. For decision-making, it is necessary that at least one third of the total number of full members participate in the assembly session.

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