Strategic goal 3: Progress in resolving property issues and improvements of the planning and construction system

Indicators: Electronic counter for registering property established by 2019 E-system for spatial and urban planning established by 2021 The efficiency of construction permitting process in the City of Belgrade improved from 68% to 85% by 2020

Result Indicator Activity Year
1. Improved cadastre registration procedure Average time for registering property in the cadastre reduced by 50% in 2021 compared to 2018 Property registration performed in a single place - with public notaries by the end of 2018
1.1 Initiating and participating in the amendments to at least one regulation a year in the field of real estate registration, in line with NALED's legal analysis 2020, 2021
1.2 Organizing at least 5 meetings and trainings for banks, public notaries, real estate cadaster and other relevant stakeholders, in line with amednments to specific regulations: Law on Mortgage, Law on Legalization, Law on Enforcement and Security, Law on Planning and Construction, process laws etc, regulation governing ex officio registration of property rights for construction land. 2020, 2021
1.3 Development of ChatBot for supporting citizens and businesses with property registration za within the portal 2020, 2021
1.4 Coordination of activities among line institutions on implementing the improvemnet of property registration procedure (RGA, BRA, MCTI, Urbanism department, municipal administration). 2020, 2021
1.5 Monitoring the application of ex officio delivery of property registration documents for courts and public notaries - at least one report a year. 2020, 2021
1.6 Support for the establishment of eBulletinBoard in the Real Estate Cadaster and more efficient exchange of data among RGA, Ministry of Justice, Tax Administration and Office for IT. 2020
1.7 Campaign for the promotion of new services related to cadaster registration - electronic mailbox, electronic registration in real estate cadaster (from January 2021), elimination of tax returns. 2020, 2021
1.8 Prepared and published at least two analyses in the field of property and real estate registration (e.g. gender analysis, analysis of JIN number). 2020
1.9 Updating and maintaining the web portal for supporting citizens, businesses and institutions - publishing the views of RGA through aligned Q&A. 2020, 2021
2. Improved spatial / urban planning and consturction Optimized urban planning process by 2021. Shortened procedure for electricity connection -improving Serbia's DB ranking from 96 to 50 in 2021
2.1 Participation in working group and developing recommendations for the improvement of the Law on Planning and Construction, support in the development of adequate by-laws. 2020, 2021
2.2 Preparing and presenting recommendations for MCTI for mitiating the negative effects of COVID-19 on construction and transport industries. 2020
2.3 Preparing and presenting recommendations for amendments to the Law on Legalization and improved implementation, with the aim of accelerating the process of legalization and resolving the ongoing problems (insolvency and enforcement). 2020, 2021
2.4 Monitoring the implementation of the improved system for functional connection to electricity grid through unified procedure - preparation of reports. 2020
2.5 Defining mechanisms enabling reliable identification of the holders of public authority that issue the conditions for project design and connection, within the unified procedure. 2020
2.6 Supporting the development and implementation of the electronic system for urban planning - eSpace. 2020, 2021
2.7 Coordinating the work of Property and Urbanism Alliance on preparing and submitting analyses . proposed measures, planning and construction and property protection policies to the Government of Serbia - at least 4 meetings a year. 2020, 2021
2.8 Participation in the working group for the Law on Land Consolidation - preparing propsals in line with NALED's impact analysis of rural land consolidation 2020, 2021
2.9 Participation in the working group for urban land consolidation and support in developing a Decree on urban land consolidation. 2019
2.10 Maintaining the national web portal for supporting the construction permitting process in line with the available resources. 2020, 2021
3. Improved regulatory framework for property management Comprehensive registry of collaterals established by 2021 Electronic application for collateral registration established by 2019 Improved control of bankruptcy trustees and transparency of information in bankruptcy procedures by 2020
3.1 Preparation and advocacy of draft amendments to the Law on Pledge of Movable Property and Rights, with the aim of improving the Doing Business ranking. 2020, 2021
3.2 Preparation of proposals for amending the Law on Insolvency in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy. 2020
3.3 Starting the dalogue and designing recommendation for improving the Law on the Protection of Financial Services Beneficiaries. 2020, 2021
3.4 Supporting the implementation of measures for cutting the insolvency procedure costs in line with the analysis. 2020
3.5 Launching an initiative to RGA for performing registration based on free-of-charge conversion. 2020
3.6 Realization of the initiative for adopting an authentic interpretation of the National Parliament regarding the situation analysis related to Articles 95 and 96 of the Law on Cooperatives from 1996. 2021
3.7 Designing recommendations for reducing the time needed to settle creditors' claims through court procedure. 2020

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