[Biznis.rs] Smart recycling system from Zrenjanin could be implemented throughout Serbia

At the first panel discussion, out of three planned, the partners in the "Smart Recycle" project explained what is necessary for the smart recycling system to come to life, how to motivate citizens and what are the first results of piloting this technology in Zrenjanin.

Namely, since October of last year, smart devices for the return of packaging have been installed in several buildings, as well as in public locations in Zrenjanin. In this way, citizens get various discounts, while the most valuable recyclers every month have the opportunity to win valuable prizes such as electric scooters, tablets, smart watches...

The focus of the panel was on smart systems of the new generation, such as e-bins, automatic packaging return machines and manual scanners for disposal of PET and tetrapak packaging, as well as cans and glass bottles, which were jointly developed by the companies RLG and Solagro Smart Recycling. The founder of the Solagro Smart Recycling company, Nemanja Janić, pointed out that his company deals with innovative solutions for the primary selection and validation of packaging, which can be used in different systems.

- We divide our activity into devices used in facilities (classic), then mobile and portable systems for outdoor events, such as festivals and similar, as well as activation for brands, where we strive to promote recycling. I would single out the melting pot for cans, where we show the entire recycling process through which a new product is obtained - explained Janić.

Jelena Petljanski, manager for sustainability and regulatory affairs at the company Ball packaging Europe, is the initiator of the project for piloting a smart system in Zrenjanin

- We did that project first in Belgrade, where we developed a system of smart presses with which cans are recycled with Solagro. It was an innovative basic project, but as a global company and leader in the production of cans, we came to know that products are marked with a unique code that allows various information, for example, how many units were released to the market. One of the most practical applications is in primary selection, i.e. recycling - said Petljanski.

She added that through the company RLG, they found out how IT systems can monitor the flow of packaging, so they brought European partners to Serbia to implement the project here. - We saw the value of smart systems because a unique code carries different information, and digitalization can solve, without changing the law, the way in which packaging is classified. This also enables constant communication with citizens, such as, for example, where you can recycle and the like - pointed out Petljanski.

She added that finances are not the only thing that motivates people to recycle, but that there are also those who want to know what happened to the packaging, where it ended up... According to her, only one post on a social network got a Belgian company interested in this a technology that is in its infancy.

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