Joint Group for Doing Business

Doing Business is the World Bank's annual report providing assessment and comparison of business conditions in 190 countries around the world. The DB report does not take into account all business conditions such as the market size, quality of education or purchasing power, but rather focuses on the regulatory environment in 10 key areas - starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority shareholders, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency. 

With the aim of improving the conditions for doing business and investing, and advancing our country's competitiveness, at NALED's initiative, in 2014 the Government of Serbia formed a Joint Group for Improving Serbia's Position in the Doing Business list, bringing together line ministries, businesses and experts that work, with NALED's coordination, on defining and implementing the action plans for improving our country's rank. 

Since the Joint Group was established, Serbia has recorded continuous improvement of its ranking, from 93rd in 2014 to 44th in 2020. According to the latest 2020 report, our country has been indicated as one of 42 economies that made progress in three or more areas, thus being part of a broader selection of top reforming countries. 

The best result observing individual areas has been noted in the field of construction permits, with Serbia currently being ranked 9th, compared to 186th position it had in 2015, thanks to the construction permitting reform, where NALED played a pivotal role in its designing and implementation, being dubbed one of the greatest reforms globally by the World Bank. A major contribution to Serbia's progress was also provided by the reforms abolishing the use of seals among businesses, easing the real estate registration, improving the insolvency procedure and the minority shareholders' rights. 

Serbia's goal is to reach top 10 countries by the ease of doing business, guided by the recommendations from the Action plan for strengthening its position in individual areas. 


Wordl Bank's Doing Business report for Serbia for 2020

Overview of results - Serbia's ranking in the 2020 Doing Business list

Action plan for improving Serbia's position in the DB list - Key measures by area for 2020-21 (Serbian)

Planned measures for improving the insolvency procedure in 2020 (Serbian)

Program for improving Serbia's position in the DB list for 2018-2019

Program for improving Serbia's position in the DB list for 2019-2020

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