NALED thoroughly built its reputation as a reliable partner in the creation of evidence-based policies through the creation of analytical tools that today have become its trademark:

Certification program of municipalities in Southeast Europe

The Grey Book
100 recommendations for reducing bureaucracy

Grey book of healthcare
50 recommendations for improving the health system

The Grey Book of Innovation
60 recommendations for improving business conditions for innovative and high-tech entrepreneurship

Regulatory index of Serbia
Annual monitoring of the quality of the legislative process

Register of non-tax levies
Online database of fees and charges paid by citizens and businesses

LEI index
A new index whose goal is to measure the progress of municipalities and cities in the development of electronic administration

Regulation barometer
Online monitoring of the adoption of by-laws

Local Taxes and Fees Calculator
Online calculator of business costs in over 100 municipalities

Flat tax and contribution calculator
Online calculator for estimating the monthly amount of flat-rate taxes and contributions for flat-rate entrepreneurs

Quarterly report on the status of regulatory reform
Critical review of the most important regulations adopted in the given quarter

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