15th annual and 8th election Assembly


Session days: 18-24 June 2021 

Managing Board informs NALED members that the association's 15th annual and 8th election assembly will be organized via NALED's digital platform, from 18 to 24 June 2021.

During a five-day period, 300 businesses, local governments and civil society organizations will have an opportunity to reflect on the achieved results, define the new vision of Serbia's sustainable growth, and elect the Managing and Supervisory Board members who will lead NALED's reform initiatives for better business conditions in the following four years.

The closing ceremony of the Assembly and the presentation of the voting results will be organized live (respecting epidemiological measures) on the last day of session with live coverage on the website www.naled.rs, presenting the voting results and the award of NALED’s Arrow, in the presence of NALED, Government and international community leaders.


We invite qualified NALED members to submit their candidacies for the Managing or Supervisory Board, from 1 to 14 June 2021, online via platforma.naled.rs in line with the Rulebook on the Election of Managing and Supervisory Boards.

Submitting candidacies and voting will be available to all full members, upon online registration, using unique credentials. All members will be able to gain insight into Assembly materials at least seven days before the voting closes, and at any time check their membership status and the data included in NALED's Contacts Database.

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