COVID-19: Donor registration

We invite socially responsible companies and organizations interested in donating resources to support the battle against COVID-19 to fill in the contact form below. The information about the selected donation recipient, donation type and description are taken from the section about Needed donations and may be edited if needed.

NALED has launched a unique platform for donations to connect the local governments and state institutions that need help with those that can provide assistance. We invite all socially responsible companies and NALED members to provide donations, in line with their needs, to support the battle against COVID-19.

All fields marked with * are mandatory.

We hereby approve that the name and logo of our organization as a donor may be published on NALED website and communicated in the public *

By submitting this form, the organizations do not commit to provide support, but express preliminary interest to donate the needed resources. Information about the manner of realizing the donation will be provided to the indicated contact person via e-mail or phone provided in the form.

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