The Persistence Award – The notes of the US Ambassador’s wife from the Weavers’ Colony in Stapar

“For me it is about connecting and engaging with communities in an authentic way, so that I am not just a VIP.  I genuinely care about what it is they are doing.  I really want to learn about their culture and traditions and their passions are also my passions.  I can only communicate that in a genuine way by giving them my time…

…Olga and Marija (the weavers), both separately, told me that never before had an Ambassador’s wife come into their community and participated in this way as one of them.  They had come and supported and encouraged, they said, but never have they just joined in and been one of them.  More than anything, this warms my heart and makes me feel at home here…

…I really felt a part of the community, and recognized for my commitment to the craft – to the study of weaving, not just the learning of it…”

The US Ambassador’s wife, Anne Godfrey, took part in the fifth Weavers’ colony in Pirot, organized by the City of Pirot and the Ethno Network with the support of the Embassy of the United States and the Embassy of Canada – here we shared with you just a part of her experience, and you can read the whole blog post HERE.

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