The Warp and The Weft - The notes of the US Ambassador's wife from the Weavers' colony in Pirot

"...I wanted them (weavers) to see that I valued their work, that I valued what they were doing. That I really wanted to hear from them, to hear what they had to say so that I could better speak for them...

...What I was experiencing was changing my whole experience of Serbia, for the better.  It was the experience of nature, the experience of local people, and I think also, the experience of something that was close to my heart... Something that made Serbia more than just about Belgrade for me...

...I will start by saying that I have a new respect and admiration for the carpet weavers of Pirot.  I look forward to the time when we will order a carpet for ourselves and I will not, for a second, question the price..."

The US Ambassador’s wife, Anne Godfrey, took part in the fifth Weavers’ colony in Pirot, organized by the City of Pirot and the Ethno Network with the support of the Embassy of the United States and the Embassy of Canada – here we shared with you just a part of her experience, and you can read the whole blog post HERE.

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