Solutions for a more efficient healthcare system during 2020

The Ministry of Health has initiated the project for the development of a Plan of optimization of healthcare institutions, with the aim of improving the quality, accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services in Serbia.

Based on the analysis of situation in the overall healthcare system involving 357 institutions - from staff and HR needs, the quality of provided services, the condition of medical equipment and infrastructure, financial operations and management - the project will prepare solutions in line with the best international practices and experiences. 

Successful implementation of the Plan will enable allocation of 12.5 million euros for the procurement of high-end medical equipment – MRIs, scanners and ultrasound devices.

- Citizens have high confidence in the healthcare sector and our doctors who make the most important element of healthcare. Over the previous four years, we have done a lot to stabilize the system and improve the healthcare infrastructure, as well as to strengthen the staff and digitalize the system. We want to justify this trust and we are working together with the World Bank on further improving the efficiency of healthcare services, said the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar.

The consultation process regarding the development of the Plan of optimization has started from healthcare employees and institutions, within the seminar „Healthcare in Serbia – a step towards a more optimal system“ organized by the Chamber of Healthcare Institutions in Vrnjačka Banja in cooperation with the Ministry of Health from 4 to 6 December. The seminar brought together more than 600 doctors, experts and decision-makers from line institutions, hospitals, primary care centers, institutes etc. 

Consultations will be continued with the representatives of businesses operating in the healthcare sector, while a public campaign will also be initiated next spring, providing an opportunity to citizens to engage and submit comments and proposals regarding the optimization of healthcare in Serbia.

The plan of optimization of healthcare institutions is part of the Second project for healthcare development in Serbia. Expert support is provided by the international consortium involving IBF (Belgium), Delta House (Croatia) and NALED.

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