Registration of agricultural households in a couple of clicks in 2023

The establishment of the eAgrar platform is announced for next year, and more than 450,000 agricultural holdings will be registered four times faster and simpler than before. Also, all farmers will be able to submit requests for subsidies electronically, which is why the introduction of this digital solution is the main priority that NALED’s Food and Agriculture Alliance nominates for the new Government.

The Alliance's focus in the next two years will include the introduction of an electronic field book for tenants of agricultural land, the abolition of taxes on food donations and the harmonization of regulations in the field of food safety and quality with European legislation, in order to facilitate trade with the European Union. The import and export of goods would be more efficient if the results of EU laboratories were recognized in Serbia, as well as if the application of regulations in the field of food declaration were harmonized in the part of marking the country of origin, which is now an additional cost for importers and hinders the placement of goods.

- Another related topic is certainly the reduction of administrative trade barriers, the rationalization of costs and administrative procedures in the food and agriculture sector, with the aim of improving the business operations of economic entities. One of the more important goals is the harmonization of national legislation with European standards, which is particularly important, because it actually means better and safer conditions for market operations - pointed out Tamara Penjić, the new president of the Food and Agriculture Alliance and Executive Director of production in Carnex Meat Industry.

According to the latest report of the Environment Protection Agency, almost half of the communal waste in landfills last year was biodegradable waste. NALED members have prepared a proposal to amend the regulations that would enable donation of food nearing the expiration date, so that companies can more easily direct healthy foods labeled as "best before" to those who need them.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Dušanka Golubović pointed out that all initiatives of the Alliance are in accordance with the plans of the Ministry and that this department will finalize the activities that were started in the previous convocation.

- We will work intensively on the development of eAgrar during the next year, and already in February we expect to set up the database. Our budget has exceeded 5% of total tax revenues and will continue to do so next year, and most of it is intended for subsidies and incentives in agriculture, but we will also introduce clearer criteria, which will encourage products to be of higher quality and more competitive on the foreign market - she said.

The biggest result of the Alliance is the introduction of an electronic platform for registering seasonal workers in agriculture, which facilitated registration of more than 72,200 workers since 2019. The next step would be to extend this procedure to other activities, such as tourism, catering, construction and household chores, and the Government of Serbia, two years ago, launched a working group to draft this regulation.

The new presidency of the Food and Agriculture Alliance

The members of the Alliance have elected a new leadership of this body. For the next two years, it will be led by Tamara Penjić, Executive Director of Carnex. The vice-presidents in the new convocation will be Marjana Davidović, General Manager of Nestle for the region of Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia, Dragan Pušara, Acting Director of the Accreditation Body of Serbia, Rodoljub Živadinović, President of the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia and Vladimir Milićević, Mayor of Paraćin.


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