We are selecting the best online teaching examples during the state of emergency

The corona virus pandemic has moved the educational process into e-space overnight, and teachers who believe they have successfully overcome this new challenge with their creativity can apply from April 22 to May 31 for a competition selecting the best remote teaching examples, whose importance is even greater in times of social distancing measures. The jury will select the top 10, and will also consider the online voting on www.jpd.rs, where all interested citizens will be able to support their favorites.

The call for proposals was launched by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Institute for the Advancement of Education and Training, the Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia, NALED and the Connecting Career and Youth Entrepreneurship Development Organization within the Public-Private Dialogue for Development project, whose implementation is supported by USAID.

- Remote teaching will be an important part of the educational process in the future and new circumstances due to the state of emergency have accelerated this process in our country. It is a model that opens up new opportunities for teaching staff and students and, with this competition, we wish to support the best ideas and highlight them as examples of best practice. They can become part of a unique example database - said NALED's Dušan Vasiljević, who, together with Connecting, is working on the "Education for the 4.0 Revolution" project within the Public Private Dialogue for Development project.

The criteria for selecting the best are innovativeness in the methodical approach, appropriateness for the students' age, connection with other teaching units, student participation encouragement and interactivity of the approach. The competition is open to teachers and professional assistants in public and private elementary schools and highschools. Detailed rules can be found at www.jpd.rs.

In addition to awarding recognition plaques to the top 10 and vouchers for purchasing e-books, the best ones will receive valuable prizes - a study trip to Finland and Estonia and a laptop for the first place, a laptop for the second, while the third place will receive a tablet. The most creative teacher according to the audience vote will receive a smartphone.

Connecting and NALED work together to promote project teaching in primary and secondary education. Under the "Magic is in the Teachers' Hands" slogan, they are developing a strategic approach to empowering teaching staff to help students apply acquired knowledge by hands-on assignments through this contemporary and innovative teaching model.

The competition is part of activities under a four-year Project of Public-Private Dialogue for Development funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), conducted by NALED in cooperation with the Secretariat for Public Policy of the Republic of Serbia.

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