Business Registers Agency hosts NALED’s Property and Investments Alliance

The Business Registers Agency today hosted a session of Property and Investment Alliance, NALED’s professional working body dealing with the topics of company operations, bankruptcy, execution and litigation, pledge, conversion of land rights, planning and construction, property taxes and other related topics.

Dusan Vuckovic, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Economy, introduced NALED members, representatives of businesses, various institutions, local self-government and civil sector, to the regulatory activities of the Ministry undertaken in order to improve the business environment and business conditions, especially with newspapers in the Law on Companies.

The Director of Business Registers Agency Milan Lucic, registrars Tanja Vukotić Marinković, Ružica Stamenković, Nives Culić, as well as Deputy Registry Marija Pajic, presented the Agency’s current activities and the plans for 2022, regarding the implementation and further improvement of the information system of the Central Records of Unified Procedures for eConstruction Permits, the introduction of electronic registration of pledge rights, the transition to online functioning of the Financial Leasing Registry, news in the field of financial reporting, with the introduction of the Registry of Cultural Institutions and the beginning of the application of electronic registration of business entities.

The current activities of the Alliance were presented by its Coordinator Jasmina Radovanovic, from NALED. Information regarding the conversion was shared by Aleksandar Vujosevic from Neoplanta, NALED’s consultant Djordje Vukotic presented the development of a concept related to the future project of eSpace, while Adis Berberovic from NALED presented the user panel of the distributive system operator (ODS).

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