Social Services for Vulnerable Groups during COVID-19 pandemic

Project area: Health
Donator: GIZ GmbH
Implementation period: 05/2020 – 07/2020

The project aims to support centers for social work and social services providers at partner municipalities (LSGs) to maintain their operations and service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specific aims of the project are:

  • To support LSGs in their efforts to maintain continuity of essential public services to citizens during COVID-19,
  • To protect the physical health for social workers and beneficiaries,
  • To secure access to social care and services for underserved populations,
  • To ensure social protection services to mitigate impact on household security,
  • To minimize adversary impact of COVID-19 at the local level.

The following measures are planned:

  • Planning of composition and distribution of protective kits to LSGs,
  • Procurement of protective kits,
  • Transport and logistics to 15 LSGs,
  • Promotion of the activities to maximize effects.

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