The first round table was held within the campaign

For citizens and businesses to have an insight into the fees and charges they pay, it is necessary to establish a single register of non-tax levies that would ensure transparency and relieve users of unnecessary costs. That is the conclusion of today's round table, the first within the "Month of Parafiscals" campaign. The campaign was launched by Partner Solutions, KPMG, NALED and the Mihajlo Pupin Institute as part of the Non-Tax Revenue Reform Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Representatives of NALED and KPMG used the occasion to present an analysis of the current situation and offer solutions to improve the system of parafiscal levies, but also to invite citizens and businesses to nominate fees, charges and other non-tax duties that pose a great burden, are paid twice, or users consider them as too high, via websites and

-Citizens and businesses are lost in the regulations and are usually not familiar with the purpose of paying a certain fee. To make the problem bigger, the Ministry of Finance itself does not have an insight into the final number of fees and charges that are paid. That is why we propose the introduction of an inventory of parafiscals - a single electronic register which would reduce a large number of levies and ensure greater transparency, said Milica Bisić, director of corporate affairs at KPMG.

According to her, in that way, citizens and businesses would be obliged to pay only those charges that were previously recorded in the register, which would stimulate the public sector to participate in its development.

Nikola Tabaković, also a representative of KPMG, continued about the register of republic non-tax duties, and presented its preliminary version to the audience in more detail. Tabaković pointed out that about 1,200 levies were listed at the republic level only, based on the analysis of 200 laws and 300 bylaws.

In addition to the national ones, the panel participants also touched on the situation on the local level. According to Jelena Rančić, project manager at NALED, the analysis of local administrative fees was done on a sample of 15 local governments, and non-tax levies were divided into ten areas, to make it easier for citizens and businesses.

The interested public will be able to hear more about local non-tax duties, but also about the initiative for regulating parafiscal levies in the field of environmental protection, at the second and third round tables scheduled for June 15 and 22.

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