The Executive Board (EB) brings together 9 members appointed by the Managing Board, acting as support to the Executive Office and Managing Board. It is appointed and dismissed by the Managing Board, i.e. its term lasts until the appointment of a new Managing Board. The Executive Board provides support for NALED's program and project activities. So far, the EB has been highly engaged in the development of Grey Book, the analytical product representing NALED's trademark publication. The Board also engages in the process of ensuring premises for the events organized by NALED, and represents the organization and its concrete initiatives in the public. The Executive Board meets three to six times a year.  

Dejan Đokić

ASEE, Public Services Director CEE

President of NALED EB

Dejan Đokić has been the Director of ASEE in Serbia since February 2017. He started the company...

Vesna Živković

InPharm, Founder and Director

Member of NALED EB

A pharmacy graduate, her main activity is representation of foreign drugs and pharmacy wholesaler...

Milivoje Jovanović

ENECA, Vice President of MB

Member of NALED EB

Milivoje Jovanović was born in 1979 in Niš. He started his academic at the Faculty of Eco...

Aleksandar Milikić

Bor, Mayor

Member of NALED EB

Aleksandar Milikić was born in 1982. He graduated on Technical faculty in Bor, University of Bel...

Dejan Vukotić

AOFI, Director

Member of NALED EB

Dejan Vukotić is an experienced professional with many years of experience in the industry of fi...

Boban Janković

Mionica, Mayor

Member of NALED EB

Boban Janković was born in Valjevo, and grew up in Mionica where he currently lives and works. H...

Nikola Polić

IBM Serbia, general manager

Member of NALED EB

Nikola Polić zadužen je za sve prodajne aktivnosti IBM-a u Srbiji, Makedoniji, Crnoj Gori i Alb...

Nikola Vuletić

UniCredit Serbia, president of EB

Member of NALED EB

Nikola Vuletić was appointed as the President of the Executive Board of UniCredit Bank Serbia a....

Vladimir Gak

Inđija, Mayor

Member of NALED EB

Vladimir Gak was born in Inđija, where he completed the elementary and high school. He graduated...

Vladimir Milićević

Municipality of Paraćin, mayor

Member of NALED EB

Vladimir Milicevic graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, University...

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