Annual report: Regulatory Environment Quality in Serbia

The expert team of NALED’s Executive Office has prepared a new report in which it assesses at the regulatory environment quality in the past year in Serbia.

Information on regulations and regulatory changes is crucial for businesses, as they shape the market rules. Creating a business environment that is stimulating for economic development implies fulfilling several important preconditions, among which the key ones are: predictability and stable economic policy without frequent and sudden changes, greater legal security reflected in consistent law implementation, efficient administration and transparent communication with state bodies.

It is precisely for this reason that NALED formulated the Regulatory Index of Serbia - RIS with the aim of providing insight to members and the general public into the manner and quality of enactment and implementation of regulations in Serbia. RIS consists of six components: the quality of the implementation of regulations, the transparency of the preparation and adoption of regulations, the timeliness of law enforcement, the regulatory burden and the availability of information.

The total value of the RIS for 2019/20 is 49 out of a maximum of 100 points, which is slightly above the average compared to previous years (the average for the period 2013-2016 is 47.5), but still represents barely half the result in creating a stable and predictable regulatory environment that can stimulate economic development.

More detailed results of the regulatory match in 2019 can be found in our latest publication – the Regulatory Environment Quality in Serbia.

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