Increasing employment opportunities for seasonal workers | Phase 2

Donor: German Development Cooperation - GIZ
Implementation period: November 2019 - November 2020

The project “Increasing opportunities for employment of seasonal workers in South East Europe” represents continuation of the previous project supported by German development cooperation  jointly implemented in the period of 2017 - 2019 by NALED and GIZ, which resulted in the launching of a web portal, enabling employers in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery to electronically register seasonal workers, since January 2019. As of April 2019, seasonal workers can also be registered via Android application for mobile phones, which is the first such application for a government service in Serbia. The project sequel focuses on regional dissemination of experience and knowledge in the SEE region with special focus on Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia which were identified as countries that could benefit from this kind of reform.

Goals and activities
The project goal is to increase opportunities for employment in the SEE region (above all Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia) by replicating the flexible employment model for seasonal/temporary work applied in the Republic of Serbia. For the purpose of implementing project activities on the local level in each of these countries, the project will include local responsible institutions and partner organizations. The institutions of the Republic of Serbia will also establish cooperation with line institutions in the SEE region, with the aim of exchanging experiences in implementing the reform  in this area.

  • Performing a more comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of system application in the region with proposed needs for reforms
  • Study visit of regional institutions to institutions of the RS involved in the project
  • Establishing working groups in chosen countries from the region and establishing cooperation with institutions of the RS for the purpose of exchanging experiences concerning seasonal engagement of workers in various professions
  • Drafting of ex-post impact analysis of the reform and the Law on Simplified Work Engagement on Seasonal Jobs in Certain Activities in Serbia
  • Regional round table to enable exchange of experience during reform implementation
  • Drafting recommendations to improve laws and other regulations in this area for the chosen countries in the region
  • Drafting IT recommendations and technical specification for adaptation or development of software for the chosen countries in the region

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