Supporting the Government in countering shadow economy

Field: Shadow economy
Donor: German Development Cooperation – GIZ
Implementation period: 2018 - 2020

The project „Supporting the Government of Serbia in countering shadow economy 2018 – 2020“ is implemented wih the support of German Development Cooperation. The project involves a series of activities in line with NALED's strategic goals - improving the efficiency of inspection oversight, introducing incentives for legal business, cutting the red tape and strengthening the tax culture. 

The project particularly focuses on supporting the line institutions in implementing the tax exemption measure, and informing and educating future users about the benefits of this incentive measure. Tax exemption of new businesses has been approved by the Government and the Parliament of Serbia based on NALED's proposal, as one of the measure of the National Program for Countering Shadow Economy, with the aim to encourage young entrepreneurs to start legally, in line with the analysis performed by NALED in 2017 with the support of German Development Cooperation - GIZ .

Goals and activities

The proejct goal is defined in line with the goal set in the National Program for Countering Shadow Economy, representing the main pillar of activities on this project - the reduction of shadow economy scope in Serbia. 

The key activities refer to the coordination of the Expert Group for Countering Shadow Economy, and on ensuring expert support for implementing the measures stipulated in the National Program and Action plan for countering shadow economy. Since special focus is placed on the tax exemption measure, NALED is also coordinating all relevant institutions involved in tax exemption implementation, providing support with the adaption of Tax Administration software, organizing info days for civil servants, and education trainings for new businesses. The project will also involve promotional activities - design and maintenance of a webpage dedicated to tax incentive measure, e-mail contact center for businesses, design an distribution of info sheets, posters, brochures, and a promotional video.


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