[RTS] What will electronic health record bring to patients, and what to doctors

One of the main reform priorities in health care is the Integrated Health Information System, the so-called digitalization of health care. This means that all citizens will have a single electronic health card with data from all health institutions that are always available.

The Policy Director at NALED, Jelena Bojovic, told RTS that the most important thing in health care is coordination and exchange of information so that someone would receive treatment in a timely manner, in which an electronic health card would help.

"Within this system, it is planned to include private institutions, in terms of their data and the information they have about the patient, in that unique health card. That would help a lot, because part of the burden, which the state health centers that are currently dealing with COVID have, would be transferred to private institutions. "

She stated that the idea of the electronic health card is that if the patient is in the Emergency Room or on examination by a specialist, he has a certain set of data on previous illnesses, illnesses of the parents and everything that doctors ask when patients go for an examination.

"These are key data, which you cannot say at the moment or you are not with the closest ones who can tell about you some data that have to do with previous treatment or about some other diseases that you have, which the doctor does not know at the time", said Bojovic.

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