Autumn cycle of the prize game "Get the Receipt to Win" from September 18

The Government of the Republic of Serbia announced today that the first draw of the second, autumn round of the prize game " Get the Receipt to Win 2021" will be held on Saturday, September 18, at 6 pm, with a live broadcast on the first channel of the Serbian Radio and Television.

After a break of several months, the prize game, which proved to be an excellent tool in raising citizens’ awareness about the importance of the fight against the gray economy, continues through six autumn draws.

Citizens can expect valuable prizes in the form of 30 "Fiat 500L" cars and as many as eight apartments in Belgrade - seven in the "Zemun gates" settlement and the main prize, an apartment in "Belgrade on the water".

Citizens who send envelopes with 10 fiscal receipts or 10 slips, not older than April 1, with a minimum individual amount of 100 dinars, have the right to participate in the prize game, organized by the Government and supported by NALED.

Fiscal receipts and slips should not be mixed in the same envelope. On the back of the envelope, it is necessary to write the name and surname, address from personal documents and contact phone, while on the other side it is enough to write " Get the Receipt to Win 2021".

All adult citizens of Serbia have the right to participate, while sending envelopes is completely free.

During the summer, between the two rounds of the prize game, receipts and slips were allowed to be sent all the time, so the current number of received envelopes exceeds 6.5 million. All envelopes, sent since April 15 this year, participate in all draws during the autumn.

The Government once again reminds the citizens that participation in the prize game is epidemiologically safe and does not require any waiting in line or entering post offices. We appeal to the citizens to pack and address the envelopes at home - in order for them to find their way to the studio and compete for valuable prizes, it is enough that they are properly filled  and simply put in the nearest mailbox.

The Government and NALED believe that this cycle of the prize game, like all previous ones, will contribute to raising citizens’ awareness of the importance of taking fiscal receipts and lead to a reduction in the gray economy rate in the country.

All information about the prize game can be found on the website, and the contact center is at disposal for all additional questions and support via email

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