250.000 euros for NURDOR parents' home!

The national fundraising campaign initiated by Mastercard for NURDOR (National Association of Cancer Patients' Parents), as the first phase within long-term cooperation has been completed and Mastercard has donated 250,000 euros for a new, so far the biggest NURDOR parents' home. This way, Mastercard will contribute to a permanent solution for ensuring the required capacities for a parents' home in Belgrade, as the largest diagnostics and treatment center in Serbia. The campaign's national importance has been further highlighted with the fact that most children from Serbia and the entire region are treated in Belgrade. 

Mastercard campaign „Together for a home all superheros deserve“  is the largest local socially responsible campaign organized by Mastercard in Serbia so far, and it has a national, but also regional importance, as Belgrade acts as the largest diagnostics and treatment center not only in Serbia, but also in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

„In line with our motto that doing well in business goes hand in hand with doing good for the community, we have started cooperation with NURDOR with the aim to ensure funds for a new parents' home, but also to raise awareness about the continuous need for donations and support towards this organization. I would like to thank all our partners, and more importantly, to all individuals who contributed to this major cause, being inspired to make a change by taking action - in this case a transaction. She further added: “We are very glad to see that the citizens, as well as other companies have supported the project for building the largest parents' home that has a national and regional importance, and contributed to the success of this campaign, as well as all other NURDOR's fundraising initiatives to ensure the necessary accommodation capacities in Belgrade", said Jelena Ristić, Mastercard's Country Manager for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mastercard's long-term commitment to support NURDOR involves financial support for ensuring a new parents' home as well as further cooperation in promoting the continuous need for financial support to NURDOR, along with concrete activities aimed at strengthening the organization's capacities. 

The children dealing with cancer and their families need all the support they can get. For 15 years already NURDOR has been doing a great job providing logistical, stationary, psychological and social support to these little superheroes and their parents. However, the need for higher capacities within the parents' home is, unfortunately, has been constantly growing, so no there is a need to ensure an entirely new parents' home in Belgrade. It is expected that the new parents' home will be able to accommodate up to 20 families, making it the largest parents' home in Belgrade.

“Mastercard is donating 250,000 euros and this is the largest sum donated by an individual company to our organization. The new parents' home in Belgrade is the most significant project we are implementing and we are thankful to have a partner like Mastercard providing long-term support. We are sure this will be excellent cooperation and we look forward to our joint battles for a good cause”, said Joland Korora, the President of NURDOR.

A parents' home is not just accommodation. It is a comprehensive project for assisting the families in need, including daily transport to the place of treatment and back, always available psychological and social support, visits by volunteers and staying in a welcoming atmosphere where parents provide mutual support to one another. 

The fundraising campaign has been supported by NALED, RTS and AS Media, as well as Mastercard's business partners from the banking and retail sector, who spread the word bout the campaign to their clients and helped in raising awareness about the initiative among their customers and our card users. 

This important project shows not only the great potential of technology in improving the society, but also the strength of partnership and joint efforts towards a higher goal - in this case, the support to little superheroes and NURDOR.

250.000 euros for NURDOR parents' home!
250.000 euros for NURDOR parents' home!
250.000 euros for NURDOR parents' home!

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