COVID-19: Europe's response – Comparative analysis of support measures for economy and job preservation

The comparative view of the adopted measures for business support observes 36 European countries (EU and Western Balkans). The introduced measures can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Tax policy measures
  2. Direct assistance to the private sector
  3. Measures for maintaining solvency of businesses

The analysis of adopted measures shows that all of the observed countries have adopted measures to support businesses in at least two out of three stated categories. All analyzed countries have adopted some form of tax policy measures - for example, the deadlines for the calculation and payment of labor taxes and contributions have been delayed in all 36 countries. Nearly all countries will support businesses through direct fiscal incentives (35 countries), while the third category involving loan and export guarantees is present in 24 economies. All countries have also opted for a combination of several different measures, so most of the analyzed countries have adopted measures from all three categories (64%), while a smaller number opted for two of the listed categories (36%).

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