[TV Prva] Web portal for seasonal workers most used by farmers from Vojvodina

In slightly more than three years of existence, the web portal for Seasonal workers was used to hire around 60,000 seasonal workers in agriculture. This system brought great financial and administrative relief for employers and enabled workers to exercise their rights to pension and health insurance, without losing social assistance and deletion from the NHS records.

-The portal enables employers, both individuals and legal entities, to hire, i.e. register seasonal workers in agriculture on a daily basis in a very simple way. Everything is completely electronic - this system is connected to relevant systems of competent institutions and that application can be completed in just a few minutes. What we see from the statistics is that the platform exceeded expectations - in three and a half years, over 3 million days of engagement were recorded - said Isidora Šmigić, Policy Officer in NALED, as a guest for TV Prva.

As she pointed out, NALED has been helping state institutions to make this system come to life from the very beginning, and that is why it is trying to promote it and bring it closer to seasonal workers and employers throughout Serbia.

-The greatest demand for seasonal workers is in Vojvodina. Novi Sad leads by the number of employers, followed by Sombor and Subotica. However, we see that the portal is used in other cities as well, although to a lesser extent. When it comes to the age structure of seasonal workers, the most common group is from 45 to 60 years. The younger population is somewhat less represented, mostly in the category of 30-45 years - added Šmigić.

According to her, there is an evident shortage of labor in the field, and it often happens that the owners of agricultural farms hire workers from abroad. It is still a small share and does not exceed 1%. Foreigners can register through the Seasonal Workers portal under the same conditions as domestic citizens. Namely, the daily compensation that the employer pays in order to enable the worker to exercise the right to pension and health insurance is the same - 380 dinars per day.

When it comes to the procedure itself, foreigners can apply with the help of the registration number for foreigners issued by the Ministry of the Interior and it is not necessary to have a classic work permit, while respecting time limits regarding residence and work in the country.

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