[TV Galaxy 32] About 60,000 seasonal workers, since 2019, hired through the Seasonal Workers portal

NALED has participated in initiating and implementing the reform of agricultural seasonal workers hiring from 2017, while on January 1, 2019, the new law regulating the electronic registration of seasonal workers come to power with the Seasonal Workers portal and mobile application.

- The simplified way of hiring is great, in a little over three years, it resulted in 60,000 seasonal hired through this platform, with more than 600 different employers using the app in the same period proving the new electronic application system is simple and practical, for both employers and workers - said Isidora Šmgić, associate for regulatory reform at NALED speaking for TV Galaxy 32.

- What is important to point out is that the application works completely electronically, and the employer needs a little information to register the employee - the ID number of the employee and the type of job he will work on, and the date of engagement. Based on that, workers are entitled to pension insurance for the days they were hired, as well as health insurance in case of an injury at work, and most importantly, workers don’t lose the right to social benefits if they are receiving them - added Šmigić.

This reform proved to be useful for employers, allowing them to pay taxes and contributions fixed, per day of hiring workers, with the amount being around 380 dinars, regardless of the fee.

NALED's analysis also shows that the reform gave results: before the introduction of the new system, before 2018, only 3,500 seasonal workers were registered. In other words, almost 90% of agricultural workers worked illegally, while today we have 30,000 registered workers annually.

When it comes to registration, it is important to know that employers do not have to be legal entities, although if they are they can register through a qualified electronic certificate, while individuals may ask the local self-government to do it for them.

According to Šmigić, the simplified system of registration of seasonal workers in agriculture is already widespread, but NALED intends to interest more potential employers and owners of agricultural farms in the upcoming period. With that in mind, info sessions were organized in the previous period in Nis, Novi Sad, and Cacak.

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