Strategic goal 6: Improved international competitiveness and regional cooperation

Indicators SG6: Serbia's ranking in the 2021 World Banks' Doing Business Report is 30

Result Indicator Activity Year
1. Improved business environment in areas monitored by the Doing Business List and other international competitiveness lists At least five regulations amended to improve business environment in 10 areas monitored by DB by 2021 In at least three areas monitored by the DB List, Serbia's ranking is improved by more than 10 places in the 2021 report compared to 2018 Improved transparency and efficiency of public procurement system as estimated by at least one international institution by 2021
1.1 Preparing inputs for the Government's annual Action Plan for Serbia's progress to top 40 countries in the Doing Business List and aligning the Program and Action plan with the members of the Joint Group for DB. 2020, 2021
1.2 Preparing long-term recommendations for fostering Serbia's progress on the World Bank's Doing Business list. 2020
1.3 Monitoring and support to line ministries and institutions in implementing recommendations and the Action plan with development of scenario analyses - at least 10 meetings a year. 2020, 2021
1.4 Participating in at least three sessions of the Joint Group in a year. 2020, 2021
1.5 Presentation of implemented reforms to contributors - minimum one meeting with each group of contributors a year (total of 10 expert meetings). 2020, 2021
1.6 Organizing annual conferences on the Doing Business results. 2020, 2021
2. Improved local business conditions throgh implementation of the BFC SEE program BFC SEE network has been strengthened with at least five partner institutions until the end of 2021. At least one new country implements the BFC SEE standards by 2021. BFC certification program has been applied by at least 60 municipalities and cities in the region until 2021 (according to the III and IV editions).
2.1 Training and licensing institutions/organizations from SEE to conduct certification in their own countries as per new (III and IV) edition of BFC SEE standards. 2020, 2021
2.2 Further development of e-certification software and the module for automatic generation of reports about the local business environment. 2020, 2021
2.3 Informing public authorities, local governments, donors and businesses in the region on advantages of BFC SEE program and the promotion of analyses/statistics/reports generated from the software. 2020, 2021
2.4 Maintaining NALED's registry of evaluators and verifiers for BFC SEE standards, with at least 70 trained and certified business friendly environment experts from the country and region. 2020, 2021
2.5 Organizing at least two meetings a year of the Regonal Council and Tehcnical secretariats of BFC SEE Network. 2020, 2021
2.6 Revision of BFC SEE standard through consultation with partner institutions from the region and publishing a Guide for implementation of the IV edition 2021
2.7 Development and maintenance of the regional platform - introducing a special section dedicated to COVID-19 for exchange of information and best practices among cities and municipalities in the region. 2020
2.8 Designing a comparative analysis of the support measures in Serbia, the region and Europe, as a response to COVID-19. 2020
3.Exchange of knowledge and replication of best practices in South East Europe through the Regional Network for Business Friendly Environment (BFE SEE) Ensured institutional support for initiation of BFE platform in 5 countries in the region until the end of 2021 Regional BFE platform established until the end of 2021 At least three identified best practices in the work of public administration and/or LG in the region have been replicated in at least one country each until 2021
3.1 Based on performed feasibility study in cooperation with EBRD, promote and advocate the idea of institutionalization of the regional platform for exchanging best regulatory practices, aligning and improving the business environment in South East Europe countries BFE SEE. 2020
3.2 Registered BFE SEE platform as a regional organization with ensured operational funding and NALED as its secretariat. 2021
3.3 Identification and promotion of at least one best practice model in the work of public administration and local government in the region, on an annual basis through Doing Business and business friendly certification. 2020, 2021
3.4 Participating in the implementation of at least 5 regional project for replication / exchange of best practices and/or establishment of development partnership in the work of public administration and local government.

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