Strategic goal 4: Improved conditions for the development of agriculture and food industry

Indicators: Joint group of the Ministry established, as a mechanism of continuous dialogue with businesses, holding at least 2 meeting annually, 2019-2021 Electronic system for registration of farms established until the end of 2019 Electronic system for submission and processing of applications for at least three groups of incentives established by 2021

Result Indicator Activity Year
1. Improved legal framework for agriculture and food industry At least 4 meetings a year of the Alliance with the representatives of public sector, in the form public private dialogue At least 3 positions of the Alliance prepared (policy paper, brief etc.), on an annual basis Minimum 50% of NALED members' comments accepted by the end of 2021.
1.1 Coordinating the Food and Agriculture Alliance, which actively participates and initiates amendments to regulations, develops the content of opinions/positions/documents; special focus on regulations in the field of food labeling (including implementation), regulation on the quality and alignment with EU legislation. 2020, 2021
1.2 Participation in the Working group for food of the Coordination Commission for inspection oversight, working group of NKTOT, working group of the National Convention (Chapters 11, 12 and 13) and other meetings in the form of public private dialogue. 2020, 2021
1.3 At least one policy measure realized in the field of agriculture, previously identified through the Public Private Dialogue for Growth project. 2020, 2021
1.4 Promotion of the work of Food and Agriculture Alliance with the purpose of making the Alliance recognized as an expert body and advocting law amendments. 2020, 2021
1.5. Advocating the improvement of legal framework for food donations (sectorial and tax regulations). 2020
1.6. Monitoring and reporting on new regulations in the field of healthcare, comparative analysis in relation to NALED's views and recommendations, reporting through Quarterly report and other publications. 2020, 2021
2. Reduced administrative burden in agricultureand digitalization in the field of food/agriculture At least two agricultural procedures optimized by 2021 Average time between application for incentives and payment in the sphere of agriculture reduced by 30% in 2021 versus 2018
2.1 Perform optimization of at least one procedure in the field of agriculture, in line with NALED's previous analysis 2020
2.2 Advocacy for the introduction of e-Agrar system and support to its implementation - improving the Registry of Agricultural Households and applying for national incentive measures in agriculture. 2020, 2021
2.3 Preparing and advocating recommendations for mitigating the negative effects of COVID-19 on agriculture. 2020
3. Improved and aligned conditions for the employment of seasonal labor in Serbia and the region 30 000 seasonal workers employed through the streamlined system by the end of 2021 At least one country in SEE adopted a decision on introducing simplified employment of seasonal worker based on Serbia's model by the end of 2020
3.1 Ex post analysis of implementation of the Law on Simplified Labor Engagement in Serbia. 2020
3.2 Designing recommendations for further improving the system of simplified engagement of seasonal workers. 2020
3.3 Regional exchange of experiences and presenting the new model of seasonal workers employment in Serbia as a best practice example. 2020
3.4 Performing situational analysis of seasonal employment in Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania, with recommendations for improvement. 2020
3.5 Prepared policy/regulatory model of seasonal employment in at least 2 countries. 2020
3.6 Prepared functional specification for IT solution in at least one country. 2020

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