Strategic goal 10: Improved EU integration process in areas significant for businesses

Indicators: European Commission's annual progress report indicate moderate/solid progres in fulfilling the economic criteria for EU membership and the membership-readiness in chapters relevant for business environment, 2018-2021

Result Indicator Activity Year
1. EU membership negotiation process and regulatory alignment with the European legislation reflects recommendations from the public-private dialogue about business environment At least 20% of recommendations provided through the working groups for chapters 8, 11, 12, 13, 16 and 20 are taken into account by line institutions, in the period 2018-2021.
1.1 Coordination of the Working group for Competition Policy (chapter 8), and Taxation (Chapter 16) within the National Convention on the EU- NCEU 2020, 2021
1.2 Participation in meetings between the civil society and the Government within the NCEU working groups for chapters 16 (Taxes), 20 (Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy) and 22 (regional policy and coordination of structural instruments) 2020, 2021
1.3 Participation in the NCEU Working group for chapters 11, 12 and 13 (agriculture, fisheries and forestry). 2020, 2021
1.4 Participating in consultations about Economic Reform Program - ERP. 2020, 2021
1.5 Performing an independent monitoring report for ERP. 2020, 2021
1.6 Development of at least three analyses or policy briefs related to chapters 8 and 16, coordinated by NALED. 2020
1.7 Regular media promotion of the topics within chapters 8 and 16. 2020
2. Improved reporting of EU institutions on economic reforms Annual progress report of the European Commission reflects 20% of comments provided by NALED in the period 2019-21
2.1 Holding briefings and meetings with representatives of EU Delegation in Belgrade, European Commission and other EU institutions 2020, 2021
2.2 Preparing and submitting monitoring reports about the work of Government and Parliament (Regulatory Index of Serbia) to European institutions, as well as other inputs and materials about the business environment in Serbia and the region 2020, 2021
2.3 Preparation of inputs for annual progress reports of the European Commission for Serbia for chapters 8 (Competitions), 16 (Taxes) 2020, 2021
2.4 Participation in conferences, seminars and discussion organized by EU institutions, as well as in events organized within the Berlin Process for the Western Balkans 2020, 2021

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